How To Save The Pelicans Season With One Simple Signing

DENVER, CO - MARCH 13: Roy Hibbert
DENVER, CO - MARCH 13: Roy Hibbert /
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4. Fearlessness/Disrespect for Authority

Are you missing DeMarcus Cousins? The man who would risk literally thousands of dollars to yell at a referee and throw Marcus Smart to the ground like he’s Brian McCabe? Well, this guy might be the next best thing! Could he be an enforcer? Maybe not. Not only does this man appear to be short, but he may in fact have the dictionary definition of a “dad bod.”

It is quite obvious that this guy has a general disrespect for authority. Not only does he step on the court, despite it being a clear violation of arena rules, but he gets the ball boy to pass him the ball, taking away shots from actual players. After, despite returning to his seat, he straight up laughs in the face of that Carl Fredricksen looking police officer.

That is a man who would be completely unafraid taking tough shots in close games. Perhaps he could be the much needed “bad boy” of this Pelicans team. When the games on the line, down by one point, who do you want taking the last shot? If you said “Dad-Bod Dan”, I couldn’t agree more.