Outsider’s Perspective: Questions with The Lake Show Life

LOS ANGELES, CA - OCTOBER 22: Brandon Ingram
LOS ANGELES, CA - OCTOBER 22: Brandon Ingram /

The New Orleans Pelicans close out the first half of their season with a matchup against the Los Angeles Lakers. A three-game winning streak going into the break would go a long way for the Pelicans after a rollercoaster first run.

If the Pelicans have had a rollercoaster first half, the Lakers have had a whole amusement park’s worth of emotions. From the Ball family to LeBron James, to Magic Johnson, there hasn’t been a shortage in headlines in L.A. We tried our best to stay away from the hypotheticals and focus simply on this season.

For more on the Lakers, we were able to connect with The Lake Show Life’s Kenneth Teape. Kenneth is currently the co-editor and also contributes for Hoops Habit. Hope you all enjoy this Valentine’s Day edition of Outsider’s Perspective.

1. Whether for good or controversial reasons the Lakers have been full of intrigue this season. Is there any way their play on the court can measure up to the distractions they’ve had to deal with off of it?

Off the court, LaVar Ball gives people plenty to talk about. Every time he talks, it draws a ton of attention. However, winning fixes everything. If they can remain competitive the remainder of the season, there is plenty to be intrigued by, such as the younger players continuing to grow.

2. Brandon Ingram has filled in at Point Guard in quite an impressive manner. Can he thrive best as a playmaker? How would that dynamic work once Lonzo returns?

After struggling last season as a point-forward, Ingram has thrived in it this season. It is yet another example of the steps Ingram has taken this season in terms of his development. It gives Luke Walton more versatility for his lineups, which is never a bad thing. Taking some pressure off of Lonzo Ball as the sole playmaker and distributor should help him develop his other skills.

3. Speaking of Lonzo Ball, is he worth the circus that comes with him? Does the presence of LaVar Ball cancel out any contributions Lonzo brings as a basketball player?

While his jump shot needs work, Lonzo Ball was worth the selection. His passing and playmaking skills are off the charts. His rebounding is outstanding, and he is a better defender than given credit for. LaVar Ball says some outlandish things, but as long as Lonzo is producing it is easier to handle. There have been rumors that LaVar has negatively impacted the Lakers, which there could be some merit, but Lonzo has played well when on the court outside his shooting percentages. His teammates enjoy playing with him, which should outweigh his father’s crazy comments.

4. What’s the biggest misconception about the Lakers?

The biggest misconception could be generalizing the team based on their stats. While they have a good defensive rating, they don’t always bring it on that end of the court. Seeing how their defense performs with someone such as Isaiah Thomas added to the group will be something to keep an eye on. Conversely, the offense, which doesn’t rate well, is pretty solid. They cannot shoot 3-pointers, but that will change with Thomas and Channing Frye. Also, while their offensive rating isn’t great, they play a team-orientated style of basketball with 7 players averaging in double-figures on the roster.

5. Outsider’s Perspective on the Pelicans

The injury to DeMarcus Cousins obviously hurts. He was having an MVP caliber season alongside Anthony Davis. While that injury hurts, acquiring Nikola Mirotic and Emeka Okafor were solid moves. Rajon Rondo and Jrue Holiday are a better pairing than people give them credit for. However, as long as they have Davis, they will present problems for teams.

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