A Fan’s Perspective: Questions with the New Orleans Pelicans fan base

New Orleans Pelicans Anthony Davis (Photo by Matteo Marchi/Getty Images)
New Orleans Pelicans Anthony Davis (Photo by Matteo Marchi/Getty Images) /

Due to the success of Outsider’s Perspective, we at Pelican Debrief thought “Why not expand on it?”. Many individuals have ideas and opinions about the franchise they root for. Whether you’re a writer or a player you’re still a fan! Some fans may feel devalued by the mainstream, but we’re here to change that, even if it’s momentarily. No source of entertainment can thrive without their fans. We thought it would be a great idea to talk with the best of the best! Here’s our first installment of “‘A Fans Perspective” featuring NOLA resident and lifelong Pelicans fan, Mike B.

1. Mike, you seem to be one of the more passionate Pelicans running around. What bothers you the most about the media when it comes to the Pelicans. Something you wish more would understand?

The outside “media” doesn’t really bother me. It’s the “Home Team” as you previously called it. The local media, writers, and the fanbase that are those I disagree most with. But it goes past this year. The Monty Williams era is a great example. The great job he was doing, given all the unique circumstances this team was going through.

One of the main reasons Anthony Davis is the player he is today is because of Monty. And he wasn’t appreciated by the locals. The guy couldn’t even bring his family to home games. From the Dell Demps hate and the signings that came with it. All of it felt negative, no matter if it was a draft pick, or a trade/free agency acquisition.

It’s just a long list of hating with fans and media pundits often pointing at Demps. Some critique may have been deserved, but the lack of patience was truly frustrating. It felt like we received enough hate from the outside, so seeing so many negative unfair content from within was disappointing, to say the least. But honestly, it’s all fun for me to see. Time keeps proving Demps right. It’s a good thing seeing people backtrack, and changeup. Hopefully, more writers and fans will be patient and positive going forward.

2. What do you think is the Pelicans’ biggest strength as an organization/following?

Ownership and Management

This is not a mess like you hear so often. A really good mixture of business and basketball minds. Another strength is Roster versatility. They can play and produce in so many different ways. The veteran leadership is finally here, and there’s some youth packaged with it. It feels like an awesome locker room. The culture that they’re building is vastly underrated.

3. What’s their biggest weakness as a whole?

They could use a shooting guard with good size who can create for himself and defend. But that’s from a roster perspective. Overall, it’s our fan base. When times are rough some fans jump-ship. The Saints have shown when NOLA loves you the city provides a vibe that can’t be matched.

It’s not there for basketball just yet consistently. Even though New Orleans will probably always be a football town, we can all be better basketball fans. The Pelicans haven’t been here as long as the Saints, but hopefully the city will one day embrace the team in a similar fashion. When you’re at a Saints game, you know what city you’re rooting for. A Pelicans game can sometimes just feel like an ordinary experience. Let’s just hope winning truly fixes all.

4. Outside of bringing back DeMarcus Cousins next season, what’s one move you would look into during the offseason?

A little early for me to be thinking about offseason moves. But I’m content with the current roster for the most part. The chance of an additional superstar may change my mind.
They may be on a nice journey to continuity and familiarity. They just need to stay healthy.

I would want Rondo Back and maybe shed Alexis Ajincas expiring contract. Also, I’d like to see what Ian Clark does for the rest of the year in regards to his future. Solomon Hill’s recovery/progression will be something to keep an eye on. One more big men for insurance purposes also wouldn’t hurt. Overall I believe the team just needs time like any franchise. Really excited to see what Boogie, Niko, and AD can do together.

5. In five years the Pelicans will have _____

In five years the Pelicans will have established more of a winning culture. At least 4 playoff appearances and one surprising playoff run. A Western Conference Championship series. I’m not sure if they will win a ring just yet, but I like their chances.

I’ll be here for the ride, good or bad.

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That’s the end of our first Fan’s Perspective and our time with Mike B. Go follow him on Twitter @MikeBGodly , but be careful he’s not shy and doesn’t pull any punches. If you’d like to be apart of this series be sure to message us @PelicanDebrief  or you can reach out to Chris personally @Impatientbull. Be on the lookout for additional looks and perspectives on the Pelicans as we journey through the all-star break.

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