What to Know About the Pelicans Newest Acquisition

NEWARK, DE - JANUARY 17: Walter Lemon Jr.
NEWARK, DE - JANUARY 17: Walter Lemon Jr. /
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Body Frame

CHICAGO, IL – MAY 9: Walt Lemon
CHICAGO, IL – MAY 9: Walt Lemon /

Lemon‘s measurements are not too different than any other mid-sized point guard in the NBA. He stands at 6-3 in shoes, with a 6-6 wingspan and an 8-3 standing reach. Being between the height of 6-2 and 6-4, he lands in the same camp as 43.3% of the league’s guards in 2017-2018, according to Basketball-Reference. His wingspan is not small, but definitely not overwhelming.

However, it is his elite athleticism that separates him from the pack. In fact, both his maximum and no step vertical are higher than John Wall‘s. And believe me when I say he can throw it down.

In the G-League, he has shown to be an incredibly quick player on both sides of the floor, perfect for the Pelicans who are third in the league in pace and sixth in transition frequency.