A Fan’s Perspective: Questions with the New Orleans Pelicans fan-base

NEW ORLEANS Pelicans Anthony Davis (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)
NEW ORLEANS Pelicans Anthony Davis (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images) /

Depending on who you ask, being a fan of the New Orleans Pelicans is either very exciting or very draining. Whether you’re upbeat, or pessimistic it’s always fun seeing the Pelicans through different lenses.

Whether a writer or fan perspective matters. With that being said the Pelicans Debrief brings you our second installment of “A Fan’s Perspective”. This episode introduces you to Ryan Herbert, lifelong Pelicans fan and a member of our Armed Forces. Enjoy!

1. So, Ryan, you spent some time in the Navy. Which Pelicans player do you think could leave NOLA tomorrow and succeed in the Armed Forces?

Rajon Rondo or E’Twuan Moore. Rondo has enough of that no-nonsense attitude and leadership qualities you want to see. Moore is more of the just go to work and do your job well type, both work well for different reasons.

2. There will be a debate soon over who’s the greatest Pelicans player of all time. Is it still Chris Paul? Or has Anthony Davis passed him?

To me it is still Chris Paul, making basketball exciting again after the Baron Davis drama and the Dan Dickau year. We can’t forget that playoff run that almost brought a conference finals appearance. I think AD will be there very soon though.

3. If you were Dell Demps, would you eventually make a change at Head Coach?

It is very hard to evaluate Gentry to me. In his first year, he had the most games missed due to injury ever. His second year the Pelicans didn’t have much talent aside from AD and Jrue Holiday and later Boogie. This year things were just seeming to completely click with Cousins and he went down. I don’t think you should make a lateral move coaching wise. However, if another opportunity presents itself with a clear-cut upgrade they should consider it.

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4. Should the Pelicans sign DeMarcus Cousins to a max deal?

I think you either sign Cousins to a max deal or you lose him because somebody else will even with his injury. It’s still the best chance to be relevant, at least it is to me.

5. In five years the Pelicans will be ______

I can’t possibly presume to know that. Five years ago Lebron James was still on the Heat and won the finals. It felt like that would be a dynasty to stay. Tim Duncan and Kobe Bryant were first-team All-NBA. The George Karl led Nuggets won 57 games and the Golden State Warriors were just an exciting young team. So I will just say in 5 years the Pelicans will still be in NOLA.

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That was our time with Ryan be sure to follow him @RyanHerbert89. If you would like to take part in our next installment message us on Twitter at @PelicanDebrief. Thank you again for reading and always remember: Whatever you in life, #DoItBig.