Tonight’s Game Against Phoenix Cannot Be Taken Lightly

NEW ORLEANS, LA - FEBRUARY 26: Anthony Davis
NEW ORLEANS, LA - FEBRUARY 26: Anthony Davis /

Tonight, New Orleans’ favorite ball-club will be squaring off against the lowly Phoenix Suns. While this game could easily be seen as an “easy win” for the Pelicans, they mustn’t get too comfortable. With only four games remaining on their schedule, and the postseason not being a “sure fire” thing, each contest should be seen as a must win.

There are always games in the NBA that fans, and even opponents view as easy victories. By this, I mean, there are teams out there that are clearly inferior to their opposition. And while this statement may be true in regards to the New Orleans Pelicans and Phoenix Suns, this mindset cannot befall upon NOLA for tonights game.

Though the Pelicans have garnered 24 more victories than Phoenix this season, New Orleans is in no position to chalk this game up as an automatic ‘W’. Currently speaking, NOLA resides in the number seven seed out West. If the season ended today, they would be tipping-off against the Golden State Warriors in the first round of the playoffs. Unfortunately for the Pelicans, the postseason doesn’t start for another week. And, with them not yet clinching a playoff berth, their fait rests on the shoulders of, well, themselves. Add in the fact that they are only a half game ahead of the ninth seeded Nuggets and you have a cause for panic.

One loss could very well drop them out of the playoff picture entirely. With this inconvenient truth, none of the remaining games on the teams schedule can be taken lightly, no matter the opposing team.

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Just because Phoenix holds the leagues worst record doesn’t mean they can’t compete. Take last Friday’s game against the Houston Rockets for example. Houston is clearly the superior team in this match-up. With the frontrunner for league MVP and a plethora of All-Star talent, a game against the tumultuous Suns should be seen as an obvious win. Interestingly enough the Suns found themselves fighting for their lives at the end of the game. If it wasn’t for a Gerald Green Buzzer-Beater, Phoenix would have attained a most improbable victory.

The last time New Orleans played Phoenix, the Suns managed to put up an impressive 116 points. This is not a bad scoring total to attain. Fortunately for NOLA, they were able to accumulate 125 points and, with that, came away with a victory. However, though the Pelicans managed to get the ‘W’, it is not a common result for a team to put up 116 points and losing effort.

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Are the Pelicans and Suns comparable franchises this season? No. One is fighting for a playoff spot while the other is fighting for this years first overall pick. But still, even with this, a matchup like this cannot be seen as any less than “do-or-die” for NOLA. Tonights matchup in Phoenix cannot be taken lightly. Their playoff chances rely on how they finish out the season.

Now let’s get this win!