New Orleans Pelicans: Revisiting the 2014 NBA Draft

How did the New Orleans Pelicans fare in the 2014 NBA Draft? Well, they had zero selections—so it was kinda difficult to mess this one up. This should be a fun revisit.

What’s draft picks to a rebuilding roster, am I right? Overrated, you don’t need them, you know what you do need though? Omer Asik at a 5 year, $58 million deal. That’ll expedite the rebuild. Alright, enough sarcasm, it wasn’t all bad. The reason for not owning a first-round pick was due to a trade the draft prior that sent Jrue Holiday to the New Orleans Pelicans. And we like Jrue, so that’s good.

It also wasn’t like the 2014 NBA Draft was outstanding, either. Do you remember when there were actual debates about who should go first, Andrew Wiggins or Jabari Parker? Those conversations have altered to discuss who the biggest disappointment has been. Joel Embiid went third, and as time progresses it’s pretty visible to see that Philadelphia won the first round.

Things were going better in New Orleans, the team went 34-48 in 2013-14, an upgrade to their 27-win season a year prior. And the team officially changed their name to the Pelicans! Again, New Orleans was nice enough to allow Charlotte to reclaim their old moniker, but Utah has remained adamant they keep the “Jazz”, despite its roots in New Orleans—jerks.

In his sophomore season, Anthony Davis was already emerging amongst the leagues elite, leading the league in blocks with 2.8 per contest and besting 20 points a game. This was the type of player GM’s dream about rebuilding around. But Dell Demps was going for immediate success, and not playing the long term game.

Eric Gordon was offered a four-year, $58 million offer sheet by the Suns back in 2012, which Demps inexplicably matched even though Gordon made his intentions clear that he wanted to play in Phoenix (according to John Reid of

Could that money have gone elsewhere into more assets that best suited the Pelicans timeline? Yes, of course. But Demps wanted to rush things, want another example? Once again, the Pelicans didn’t own a second round pick.

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They would’ve owned the 40th overall pick, but it was sent to Minnesota. What makes matter worse is that Nikola Jokic went 41st overall. The Demps era was tough.