4 forwards the New Orleans Pelicans should target in NBA free agency

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If the New Orleans Pelicans need some more depth at the forward position, here are some players they could look to add in NBA free agency.

As the smoke settles from the excitement that followed from the hype of the 2019 NBA draft and Zion Williamson, we can officially look at NBA free agency with a clearer mindset. With some questions answered with the Anthony Davis trade and Zion Williamson/Jaxson Hayes selections, there are still more questions lingering for the New Orleans Pelicans.

Who do we bring aboard to round out the bench? Is Brandon Ingram going to be healthy enough to go through the whole season? Who else is going to mentor these young men with Jrue Holiday? The hype and excitement around the future of the New Orleans Pelicans is certainly warranted. If Zion’s post-selection interview didn’t make you absolutely want to root for the kid, that’s a “you” problem.

This team is clearly trending in the right direction, there’s no doubt about that. This young core has the potential to set up the Pelicans for a long, long time. Without a doubt, there are few teams throughout the entire NBA with an outlook as promising as what David Griffin has going in New Orleans. It’s a complete 180 degree turn from how people felt about the organization a few short months ago.

But as bright as the team’s future is, we have to look at here and now. Forwards and wing scorers are still looking to be a point of need and focus as the New Orleans Pelicans look towards free agency. While the addition of Brandon Ingram provides a starter at the 3, there are questions after him in the depth chart. We are going to look at a few free agent options to give the New Orleans Pelicans depth and viability at the 3 spot to benefit the long term vision of the team. Let’s dance.

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