New Orleans Pelicans JJ Redick, Josh Hart Host Must-Listen Podcasts

The New Orleans Pelicans roster is now filed with approachable, media-savvy talents.  JJ Redick and Josh Hart both have their own podcasts, which are required downloads for diehard fans.

The demand for NBA sourcing and insight has never been greater, and thankfully the New Orleans Pelicans fanbase is being supplied the content to match. David Griffin has been on a lengthy media tour, practically since taking the job, and two incoming players host their own podcast.

The phrase to ‘be a fly on the wall’ exist for a reason. Humans are a curious lot and like to absorb themselves in various particular interests. Anyone reading this far must love hoops and would definitely enjoy the Josh Hart and JJ Redick hosted podcasts.

No longer are talking heads and radio show breaking updates the main sources for NBA content. Podcasting is a growing industry, which allows the players to shape their own narratives. Blake Griffin explained why it is hard to answer questions after games. Podcasts allow fans the opportunity to hear the players’ truer voice.

There is an appreciation felt when hearing these winding conversations going into complex details paired with touching personal notes. Griffin has shared many stories from a raised media dais. Josh Hart and JJ Redick invite fans into their own personal studio.

Josh Hart has already become the most beloved New Orleans Pelicans player to have yet to play a game. Cafe du Monde has an obvious marketing deal in play.

The LightHarted Podcast with Josh Hart is a new venture. The first episode, posted June 19, was titled Tip-Off with Josh Hart and Matt Hillman and is an introduction into what they hope to build with the weekly podcast.

The podcast is not just all hoops. Hart’s first guest was Todd Gurley, which, that was pass interference. To be fair, Hart did not know for sure he would be a New Orleans Pelicans player when the podcast hit the can.

Chris Broussard, Donovan Mitchell, and the man with the rings Danny Green have featured on more recent episodes.

JJ Redick is one of the most respected veteran voices in the Association, not the just New Orleans Pelicans locker room. His podcast, named simply The JJ Redick Podcast,  began as a 2017 Thanksgiving Day holiday treat.

Redick has hosted a wide range of guests from the jump. Sure he has had teammates on the podcasts many times, but also James Corden, M. Night Shyamalan, Chrissy Houlahan, and Hasan Minhaj.

Both podcasts will help fans relate to the players, who are just people working to provide for their family at the end of the day. In that vein, these podcasts help to bring fans, players and the Pelicans franchise closer as a family.

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