New Orleans Pelicans: 2 Free Agents Chosen by the Readers

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The good people of Twitter have chosen two more possible free agent fits for the New Orleans Pelicans, a big project and a tough twin.

If you missed the first “reader’s choice” installment of our series of possible free agents for the New Orleans Pelicans, check it out here.

Early hopes were for a June return to play for the NBA, but as things continue to progress, it is becoming more likely that the season will be cancelled altogether.

These are unprecedented times for sports and the world in general and we at Pelican Debrief hope that you are staying safe and healthy.

Focusing on basketball for a minute, it is tough to predict how the hiatus and possible cancellation will affect things like free agency or the salary cap.

Knowing that things are likely to change drastically, we are following a loose set of guidelines for our New Orleans Pelicans’ free agent series:

  1. Unrestricted free agents only. There are too many moving parts to know how any of this will play out, but restricted free agency is always tricky.
  2. I’ll try to choose one free agent from the “premium” crop and one from a lower tier. This won’t always be the case, but we’ll try to mix it up.
  3. Money is not an object at this point. The New Orleans Pelicans will likely be capped out if they extend Brandon Ingram and don’t make a trade, but for these purposes, money will be more of an abstract concept.

These two potential free agents for the New Orleans Pelicans were chosen via Twitter poll and once again, big men and wings were the winners.

With a glut of guards already on the roster, the Pelicans will likely be looking for low-cost big men and wings in free agency.

Both of these guys could be potential value signings for the New Orleans Pelicans, so let’s take a look at who the people picked.

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