New Orleans Pelicans: Aaron Nesmith Could be Redick’s Replacement

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With only one year left on his contract, Redick’s time on the New Orleans Pelicans could be nearing an end, which is why they should draft his eventual replacement.

J.J. Redick of the New Orleans Pelicans is one of the best shooters in the NBA and if you made a list of all-time greatest 3-point shooters, he’d likely be on it.

At age 35, Redick is still getting it done, shooting 45.2 percent from long-range on 6.4 attempts per game, accuracy that is good for fourth best in the NBA.

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Ideally, Redick would re-sign with the New Orleans Pelicans for the league minimum and finish his career hitting a game-winning 3-pointer in the seventh game of the Finals.

Unfortunately, reality does not often confirm the ideal, at least I think that’s how the saying goes. (It’s not, sorry Flaubert.)

The reality is that Redick will make $13 million in his last season with the New Orleans Pelicans, and it’s unlikely they’ll have the cap room to re-sign him unless he wants to take a huge pay cut.

The Pelicans could end up trading Redick in the offseason, but even if he plays out his contract and walks in free agency, they will need to find a replacement for his shooting.

Vanderbilt sophomore Aaron Nesmith could be that replacement.

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Nesmith played just 14 games for Vandy this season after injuring his foot just before conference play.

His injury, coupled with the cancellation of March Madness, means teams and scouts have not had much of chance to see Nesmith play against top competition.

This could work in the New Orleans Pelicans’ favor, as Nesmith has the chance to be the best player in this draft.

And what better way to learn the game then having Redick as your mentor? The New Orleans Pelicans not only have a chance to draft the country’s best shooter, but also to have him learn under one of the greatest shooters of all-time in Redick.

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