Is Kira Lewis Jr.’s Speed Worth the Risk for the New Orleans Pelicans?

Kira Lewis Jr. #2 could be a nice fit with the New Orleans Pelicans (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)
Kira Lewis Jr. #2 could be a nice fit with the New Orleans Pelicans (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images) /
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The New Orleans Pelicans could use a speedy back up point guard, which is why they might surprise some people and draft Kira Lewis Jr.

On draft night, the New Orleans Pelicans’ pick might be influenced by one of their biggest division rivals.

The Pelicans might be looking to draft the next Ja Morant.

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Morant’s speed and athleticism helped turn him into the likely Rookie of the Year and made the Memphis Grizzlies one of the most exciting young teams in the league.

The knocks on Morant coming out of college were that he didn’t shoot well enough, wasn’t efficient enough and was too small to dominate in the NBA.

They were all wrong.

Morant’s speed and otherworldly athleticism were more than enough to make up for his deficiencies and he’s now considered one of the top young players in the game, an untouchable.

If the New Orleans Pelicans are paying attention, they just might try to grab their own speedster in the 2020 NBA Draft, Alabama point guard Kira Lewis Jr.

Morant is certainly a better leaper and a much better passer than Lewis Jr. at this point, but otherwise there are a lot of similarities.

Depending on what happens with Frank Jackson, the New Orleans Pelicans are going to need a backup point guard, and may turn to the draft rather than free agency to find one.

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This is a point guard heavy draft, so guys like Lewis Jr. may end up falling just because there are so many other point guards that teams like.

The 5th or 6th best point guard might be better than the 2nd best wing in this draft, so the Pelicans will have to at least consider taking a point guard, which is not only a need, but very well could be the best player anyway.

Let’s take a look at what Kira Lewis Jr. could bring to the New Orleans Pelicans.