David Griffin Says 3 New Orleans Pelicans Tested Positive for COVID-19

The New Orleans Pelicans had three players test positive for COVID-19 according to VP of basketball operations David Griffin.

The craziest season in NBA history just took another turn for the New Orleans Pelicans.

Speaking to reporters, David Griffin announced that three players had tested positive for the coronavirus.

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Due to HIPAA regulations, Griffin is unable to reveal which players had contracted the virus, but did confirm that all three are expected to play in Orlando.

Players will have to self-isolate until they have been cleared by team doctors and can then participate fully when the team comes together at NBA Disney.

The NBA had already announced that at least 16 players tested positive out of more than 300 tests.

New Orleans Pelicans: Effects of Three Positive Tests

With information still coming out, it is impossible to gauge which players were infected and how it might affect the New Orleans Pelicans moving forward.

Teams are set to convene in Orlando in about a week amidst soaring coronavirus numbers in the state of Florida. The NBA is still planning to go ahead with the re-start but has to be worried about these numbers.

The league should also have some concern over the potential long-term damage caused by COVID-19, as research is still ongoing.

Even if none of the athletes suffer long-term effects, the short-term effects on the respiratory system will almost certainly affect an athlete’s ability to work out or do hardcore cardio activities.

This will be the the most important story of the re-start, as the league has yet to say conclusively what will happen if there is an outbreak on a team or even league-wide once play begins.

We all want basketball, but it’s going to be terrible for the league if a player, staff or Disney employee gets seriously ill in Orlando.

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