New Orleans Pelicans: Watch Lonzo Ball Dominate Practice on Both Ends

In a recent New Orleans Pelicans’ practice video, Lonzo Ball looks like he picked up right where he left off, locked-in on both ends of the floor.

Lonzo Ball was playing the best basketball of his career for the New Orleans Pelicans just before the season was suspended.

Not only was Lonzo knocking down more than 40% of his 3-point shots over the last 20 games, but he was focused defensively.

Alvin Gentry noticed, and had plenty of high praise for Lonzo Ball in an interview with ESPN:

“…I think Lonzo Ball is probably playing the best basketball of his career on any level. He’s always a rebound or an assist away from a triple-double most nights. He’s doing exactly what we anticipated.”

But is there yet another level to his game?

During the hiatus, Lonzo Ball released videos of himself working out, and horrible form aside, it looks as though he put on additional muscle.

If this recent practice video is any indication, the hard work has paid off.

Lonzo dominates in these practice clips, flashing into passing lanes for steals, effortlessly running the offense and dropping 3-pointers with the same confidence he had before the suspension of play.

New Orleans Pelicans: Lonzo Ball is shooting with big confidence.

The defense has always been there, as Lonzo has the length and instincts to be a disruptive force that gets deflections and steals that lead to a one man fast break, as you saw twice in the video.

But even more promising are Lonzo’s made three-pointers. He hits a catch-and-shoot long ball, which is not unusual, as he shoots 40% on catch-and-shoot threes this season.

He also knocks down a pull-up three-pointer off the dribble, which will be the next wrinkle added to his game. Lonzo only shoots 31.2% off the dribble and doesn’t take many of them, averaging just 1.9 per game.

If Lonzo Ball starts draining three-pointers off the dribble consistently, he is going to be tough to stop.

Lonzo Ball is emerging as the leader of the New Orleans Pelicans on both ends of the floor and appears locked-in after the hiatus.