New Orleans Pelicans: Bucks Scrimmage Schedule and How to Watch

The New Orleans Pelicans take on the Bucks in the final scrimmage. Here’s how to watch/stream.

The New Orleans Pelicans hope to stay sharp in their final matchup before the real games kick off. They won their first two scrimmages handily behind good shooting and strong bench efforts.

The last scrimmage against Denver had a bit of a carnival atmosphere, as Denver was missing several key players and had to start a lineup of almost all seven-footers.

This led to some unlikely lineup combinations and matchups, including Jrue Holiday as the primary defender on Nikola Jokic.

Tonight’s scrimmage against the Bucks should give us a more realistic glimpse of what things might look like when the games get real.

Aside from Zion Williamson, who is still in quarantine, the Pelicans should be at full strength and the regulars will likely play more minutes in the final tuneup.

It will also be interesting to see if Alvin Gentry tips his hand on rotations, as the bench has played well and several guys have made a bid to be involved in the real games.

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Here’s how to watch/stream the New Orleans Pelicans vs. Milwaukee Bucks.

You can find the entire Orlando schedule here, but as far as the final scrimmage goes, here is how you can watch:

July 27, 2020: New Orleans Pelicans vs. Milwaukee Bucks

Time: 8:00 PM ET

Where to watch:, (if you live within 75 miles of NOLA), Fox Sports New Orleans,

Where to listen: ESPN 100.3 FM

The New Orleans Pelicans hope to end the scrimmage portion of the schedule undefeated and carry that momentum into the eight-game finale.

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