New Orleans Pelicans: 4 Draft Night Trades For Jrue Holiday

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Evaluating four potential draft-night trades featuring New Orleans Pelicans guard Jrue Holiday

Here at Pelican Debrief, we’ve been dedicating a lot of focus on covering the 2020 NBA Draft since the New Orleans Pelicans season has officially ended. One of the main components to our draft-centric focus has been ideas surrounding if the New Orleans Pelicans would consider making a trade on draft night.

Ever since then, fans have been yelling one name in our mentions non-stop, more than any prospect in this draft. Jrue Holiday.

That’s right, the New Orleans Pelicans star combo-guard know for his defensive prowess has been the most controversial player coming into this offseason.

We hear some fans saying Jrue Holiday is untradeable, and that the organization should be valuing him as much as any of the young players on their roster.

Other fans say Holiday is one the wrong side of thirty, he’s going to be on the decline and that doesn’t match up with the New Orleans Pelicans current timeline, so they should look to trade him.

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Right now, I’m in the camp that Jrue Holiday should be on the move soon because he’s by far the team’s most valuable asset that isn’t a young superstar. If the Pelicans front office feels that way too, then the 2020 NBA Draft would be an ideal time to trade Jrue Holiday.

Plenty of contenders should be in the mix for the former All-Defensive guard’s services, it’s just about finding the right price for both teams. With that here are four Jrue Holiday trades that could occur on draft night.

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