Pelicans Trade for Myles Turner in Hypothetical Deal: Should they?

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New Orleans Pelicans, Lonzo Ball

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA – FEBRUARY 08: Lonzo Ball #2 of the New Orleans Pelicans (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

Looking at Lonzo Ball’s Fit with the Indiana Pacers

Why the Pacers would do it

The Indiana Pacers may be looking for a facelift and trading Myles Turner is the best way to get it without totally breaking up the team.

They get much more dynamic offensively, adding a pass-first point guard that will make everyone on the Pacers better.

Lonzo would fit well aside Oladipo and Brogdon or would be possible insurance if the Pacers end up trading one of them as well. Oladipo has been rumored in trades, and Lonzo would give them another young building block if he does end up leaving Indiana.

Lonzo also gives the Pacers something that they don’t currently have, which is star power. The Pacers are a good team with several All-Star calibre players, but they are mostly anonymous and none of them are going to be turning up on TMZ.

Lonzo would bring some fame and swagger to a team that has none, would make their offense more dynamic and if the New Orleans Pelicans called with this deal, they’d take it before the Pels could change their mind.

Miller is obviously a throw-in here, but his contract is not fully guaranteed, so the Pacers could also pick up some additional financial flexibility.

There are plenty of good reasons for a perpetual four seed with no recognizable faces to make this trade. But there are also plenty of good reasons they wouldn’t.

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