New Orleans Pelicans Rumors: A blockbuster trade for Joel Embiid

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A recently proposed trade sent Joel Embiid to the New Orleans Pelicans.

The New Orleans Pelicans have been involved in just about every trade rumor, including a few to the Philadelphia 76ers.

Since Philly flamed out in the playoffs, it was inevitable that people would start talking about whether Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons were a good fit and which one of them might be shipped out in a trade.

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The same has been true of Jrue Holiday of the Pelicans, who has been deemed the player most likely to be moved if the Pels want to shake things up.

The 76ers just hired Doc Rivers as their new coach and everyone knows Doc is a fan of veteran players, so there may be some interest in bringing Jrue Holiday back to Philadelphia if the Sixers decide to trade one of Simmons or Embiid.

Holiday is a nice fit on the Sixers either way, as he is a versatile guard who can play on or off the ball and defend multiple positions.

The Sixers would probably prefer to ditch Al Horford, who played terribly in the playoffs and is making a ton of money, but they are going to have a hard time moving off that contract unless they want to attach an asset to it.

If the Sixers want to completely reshape their roster, then trading Embiid makes some sense, as he will get a haul in a trade and Simmons might be easier to build around given his position and defensive versatility.

Pairing Zion Williamson and Joel Embiid would be something to behold, but is there a fit? Let’s take a look at a proposed trade and whether there might be mutual interest.

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