New Orleans Pelicans NBA Draft: An Ideal First Round Scenario

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This first round scenario makes the New Orleans Pelicans winners in the 2020 NBA Draft

During this past month, we’re obsessing over the 2020 NBA Draft. Can you blame us? In this never-ending offseason, there’s been little New Orleans Pelicans news to talk about.

In what we believe is one of the most pivotal drafts in Pelicans’ history, we’ve covered everything from full prospect scouting reports to mock drafts and hypothetical trades. I think after all that coverage it’s safe to say that we each have our own hopes for what the Pelicans do on draft night.

I know a lot of people are hoping for their favorite prospect to fall into the Pelicans’ lap at pick 13. Some fans are praying that the team moves up to secure yet another top 3 talent. There are even some casual NBA watchers pining for the Pelicans to add a star.

With so many options, I decided to stop and think about what I envision as a perfect scenario for the Pelicans during the first round of the NBA draft. What I came up with was a scenario that I not only love myself but one I think many hardcore Pelicans fans will love as well.

In this scenario, you’ll find a little bit of everything. A sneaky trade that sees the Pelicans manipulate an opposing GM, a fan favorite prospect that solves one of the team’s biggest issues, and an under the radar addition who might become the next fan favorite. Sounds fun, right? At least to me, it does so let’s dig in and see how the first round of the NBA draft unfolds for the Pelicans in this scenario.

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