New Orleans Pelicans: Losing Chris Finch might derail the team

The New Orleans Pelicans are on the verge of losing top assistant Chris Finch to the Indiana Pacers

Oh no! Right when I was starting to get a good feeling about this offseason again, things are starting to awry for the New Orleans Pelicans. That’s right, just as I sat down to get caught up on some NBA news, I find reporting that the Pelicans lead assistant Chris Finch is now the frontrunner for the Indiana Pacers’ coaching gig.

This news was reported by the Ringer’s NBA Insider Kevin O’Connor in this simple tweet:

Yikes! That was my instant reacting upon reading that information because it’s terrible news for the New Orleans Pelicans if true.

Not known by many, Chris Finch is an integral part of the Pelicans organization. An assistant coach with an absorbent amount of coaching experience overseas, it’s Finch how gave the Pelicans innovate offensive schemes that make them explosive on that end of the floor.

It’s my working theory that Finch is someone who the Pelicans have as a head coach in waiting, and someone that the team still wants running the offense while a veteran, defensive-minded head coach helps grow the Pelicans’ young core.

If Finch heads to Indiana then that blows that whole plan up for David Griffin and the rest of the front office. Now, adding to the list of uncertainties for the Pelicans in this offseason is the possibility that this young Pelicans core might have to equate themselves to an entirely new offensive system next season.

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Of course, I don’t blame Chris Finch for leaving the organization for a head coaching job. In my estimation he deserves that type of opportunity and given the recent success of Nick Nurse who came from a similar background, I understand the Pacers’ interest.

This new leaves me with one thought now, is the Pelicans’ front office really handling this coaching situation to the best of their ability? We all know David Griffin is calling the shots down in the Big Easy, and I think it’s time someone asks him if hiring another retread coach while you let a bright one slip away is the best course of action.

Every Pelicans fan knows that getting this coaching hire and staff right is crucial for the team’s young core. If they fail then there’s a good likelihood they completely ruin their young stars. I guess we’ll all just have to wait and see.

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