New Orleans Pelicans: Total trade haul for Jrue Holiday and Anthony Davis

The New Orleans Pelicans turned Anthony Davis and Jrue Holiday into a new team.

The New Orleans Pelicans have been at the center of NBA trades the last few seasons, first sending Anthony Davis to the Lakers and now Jrue Holiday to the Bucks.

Both trades made sense, as Davis whined his way out of town by demanding a trade and Holiday’s salary and age didn’t fit the Pelicans’ current roster.

After adding George Hill and Darius Miller in the trade to get Steven Adams, the longest-tenured Pelicans are now the guys who joined the team last year.

This is officially now David Griffin’s team.

Trading superstars is tricky, as most teams end up getting 50 cents on the dollar when they trade a top player.

The Pelicans won the Anthony Davis trade in my opinion, even though the Lakers already won a title and could add a couple more before it is all finished.

With the Jrue Holiday trade the Pelicans have a haul of young talent and future picks to build around, and still have the ability to win now.

What did the New Orleans Pelicans get for Jrue Holiday and Anthony Davis?

If you look at what the Pelicans got when they traded their two stars, it was quite a haul and the list could continue to grow depending on what they do with their ample draft capital:

Brandon Ingram

Josh Hart

Lonzo Ball

Eric Bledsoe

Steven Adams

Jaxson Hayes

Nickeil Alexander-Walker

Didi Louzada

4 first-round picks

3 first-round pick swaps

You could really add Kira Lewis Jr. to this list as well, as the Pelicans wouldn’t have been in a position to draft in the lottery had they not traded Davis.

The Pels can still flip additional picks for more players in the future, maybe even a superstar, so they have to be happy with what they received in trade.

No trade is perfect but the New Orleans Pelicans got a ton of young talent and future draft capital. They could make the playoffs as soon as next season and are set up to compete well into the future.