New Orleans Pelicans: What we can learn from Pels’ preseason

Preseason games have been set for the New Orleans Pelicans. Here’s what to expect.

Although there are only two of them, we have New Orleans Pelicans‘ basketball to look forward to in just a few short weeks!

In this “new normal” of a 72-game NBA season, the preseason was sure to look a little different. And as the NBA announced the day after Thanksgiving, it certainly is.

The Pelicans and the new coaching staff will have two chances to take a good look at the lineup and see what pieces fit where. The first game is at Miami and the second will be at home against the Milwaukee Bucks, featuring Jrue Holiday.

The two preseason games will also give us, the fans, a great opportunity to learn more about the newest members of the Pelicans. Specifically, how will the new guys gel with the “old” guys. I use that term loosely as it’s been widely reported that Zion Williamson is the longest-tenured member of the team.

How will the new pieces fit on the New Orleans Pelicans?

We’ll get a chance to get to know Steven Adams even better and check out how the speed of newly drafted Kira Lewis fits with the speed of the NBA game. ‘

Will we see one of the starting lineups discussed earlier this week? Or will there be some more switching around just to give guys a chance to play with different groupings?

The second game is sure to bring some emotion, regardless of whether there will be fans in the seats or not, as Jrue Holiday returns to the Crescent City. Even if he only plays a few minutes, it is not going to be easy for the Pelicans fans to see him in a green jersey.

While the preseason games are going to be good indicators of what to expect this season, it’s sure to take into the first week or two of the regular season for this team to really gel.

With the drop of the preseason games, it’s only a matter of days before we know what the season holds. And for that, we can all be thankful.