New Orleans Pelicans: Trade value of the Pels most likely to be moved

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New Orleans Pelicans: What is the trade value for Eric Bledsoe?

The Defenders

Any team looking for a guy who can defend and rebound his position might be interested in one of these two players.

They are both on reasonable contracts that wouldn’t be difficult to move in the right deal.

Eric Bledsoe

Trade Value: A project player and a 2nd-round pick

Bledsoe is at an age and has a skill set that not a lot of teams are going to see him as a piece that will put them over the edge.

Again, his salary would be easier to move as part of a bigger deal because I can’t see another team being desperate to get Eric Bledsoe. He could probably net a project player and a 2nd-round pick.

This could change if a contending team had an injury and needed a solid guard because Bledsoe is solid. But he’s not a star so would likely have more value to the New Orleans Pelicans than he would to another team looking to trade before the deadline.

Bledsoe may have more value in the offseason when his contract status is even more favorable.

Josh Hart

Trade Value: A late first-round draft pick

I think there are a number of contending teams who might trade for Josh Hart. Not only is he a productive player whose skillset fits just about anywhere, but he is on a team-friendly contract so he’d be easy to move.

Being in the last year of his deal might make him even more valuable considering any team that trades for him has the best chance to re-sign him.

Is Josh Hart more or less valuable than Luke Kennard? The two are very different players but Kennard is probably a good market indicator of what Josh Hart can get.

Hart will be difficult to trade for a player of equal value, so the Pelicans would probably only do it for a 1st-round pick. They may also want to re-sign Hart themselves.