New Orleans Pelicans: A J.J. Redick deal with the Boston Celtics worth considering

JJ Redick #4 of the New Orleans Pelicans (Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images)
JJ Redick #4 of the New Orleans Pelicans (Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images) /
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New Orleans Pelicans
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The New Orleans Pelicans make this deal because it’ll help them improve their rotation while building for the future

I like this move a lot for the New Orleans Pelicans because I think that Langford and Ojeleye could thrive in the system that Stan Van Gundy wants to run.

Stan Van Gundy is looking for reliable defensive players who can shoot the ball from deep, and he could get two of them if his staff gives them some time.

In last year’s bubble, Romeo Langford proved to be a defensive menace for opposing wings, but he struggled to grasp the complexities of Brad Stevens’ offensive system.

The same can be said about Ojeleye who is a talented defensive wing but is often streaky with his 3 point shot. Well, what if these two players get in Van Gundy’s system?

Van Gundy’s offense is far less complex than Stevens’, and the pair could work with shooting coach Fred Vinson to improve their offense. The result would be that the Celtics’ misfits could become lost treasure for the Pelicans.

A pair of low-cost 3-and-D wings could help the Pelicans flourish more on both ends of the floor. The addition of Langford and Ojeleye could even give the Pelicans enough of a rotational boost to make a playoff run in the second half.

You might think that selling J.J. Redick for a pair of young players seems like a weak deal, but that offer is better than what the New Orleans Pelicans could get from other contenders like the 76ers or the Nets. It’s a Redick trade that I endorse, and I think most Pelicans fans should too.

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