Pelicans: Taking advantage of a potential Orlando Magic fire-sale

The Pelicans should take advantage of Magic fire sale (Photo by Kim Klement-Pool/Getty Images)
The Pelicans should take advantage of Magic fire sale (Photo by Kim Klement-Pool/Getty Images) /
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New Orleans Pelicans
Terrence Ross and Evan Fournier. (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images) /

The New Orleans Pelicans should check the availability of these veteran Orlando Magic players.

Looking at the Magic’s roster, I decided that I made sure to evaluate players who seemed poised to be sold off (which means no Cole Anthony) while also fitting with the Pelicans’ current roster (so no Nikola Vucevic either). As a result, I came up with these three players:

#1- Evan Fournier, Shooting Guard

Evan Fournier is a shooting guard who’s long been underrated in the NBA. A former French superstar, Fournier joined the NBA in 2012 has become a reliable starting-caliber shooting guard.

What Fournier brings to the table is primarily his 3 point shooting and effort on defense. Fournier is a 37.5 percent shooter from beyond the arc over his career and could be the Pelicans replacement for J.J. Redick. At 6’7″ he also provides some reliable defense even if he isn’t the most skilled defender. He’s in the final year of his contract at 17 million dollars, so the Pelicans could flip Reddick and future first-round pick to secure Fournier’s talents.

#2- Terrence Ross, Wing

If the Pelicans want to add a dynamic wing to come off the bench behind Brandon Ingram, then they should look at Terrence Ross. Ross is an athletic freak at the wing position who’s great at attacking the offensive end of the floor. His size at 6’6″ also makes him a strong defender on the wing.

He’s also another player who can add a shooting punch with a 37 percent stroke from beyond the arc. He’s cheaper than Fournier, making 13.5 million dollars this year, and has two additional years left on his deal. For that reason, he also might cost the Pelicans more, probably Redick a combination of multiple picks.

#3- Dwayne Bacon, Shooting Guard

If David Griffin wants to continue his theme of discount shopping, then the Pelicans should give shooting guard Dwayne Bacon a look too. Bacon is still relatively young at 25-years old and has only been in the league for three years. He’s someone who might still have some upside.

The reason I like Bacon is that back in 2018, he shot 43 percent from deep. He also showcased some reliable defensive instincts. He’s been on skid ever since but if the Pelicans can get him back to that form, then 2 million dollars is a bargain for a player who could become a 3-and-D contributor.

There it is, three Orlando Magic players who I believe could help the New Orleans Pelicans turn out a competitive season this year.

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