New Orleans Pelicans: 3 things fans need to see vs. the Grizzlies

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New Orleans Pelicans, Kira Lewis Jr.
Dennis Smith Jr. #0 of the Detroit Pistons reacts as Kira Lewis Jr. #13 of the New Orleans Pelicans (Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images) /

New Orleans Pelicans: Kira Lewis Jr. should start

The lowpoint of the season for me was watching Kira Lewis Jr. get the ball slapped out of his hands by Dennis Smith Jr. while his teammates sat around and did nothing.

Lewis Jr. stood up for himself and turned up his defensive intensity. His teammates couldn’t be bothered.

Stan Van Gundy more or less said that his team was soft after seeing this and I have to agree.

I’m not saying they should be out there throwing punches or anything but you can’t let your rookie get treated like that without at least standing up for him, or giving a hard foul.

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The Pels briefly rallied behind Kira Lewis Jr.’s play after this incident but then just went back to looking at their phones.

I’d like to see Kira Lewis Jr. inserted into the starting lineup to see if his fire and hustle can carry over and infect some of his teammates.

Bledsoe is doing nothing but shooting 3-pointers right now anyway, so why not move him to the bench to see if some life be breathed into this team?

It won’t change the fact that the Pels still have no bench depth but at least it will be rewarding the one guy on the team who played hard and actually seemed to care in the last loss.

The New Orleans Pelicans need to prove it to themselves and to the fans, who are tired of watching lackluster effort.

It’s not the losing that’s upsetting, it’s the way it’s happening.

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