New Orleans Pelicans: Trading Eric Bledsoe to the Bulls makes sense

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New Orleans Pelicans, Eric Bledsoe
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The New Orleans Pelicans need to shake things up and clear future cap space, which is why they should consider trading Eric Bledsoe to the Bulls.

The Pelicans have a lot of pieces that don’t currently fit and Bledsoe is probably one of them, as he does not provide the type of wing defense or shooting that the Pelicans need.

He has been rumored in trades to teams like the Clippers, but they don’t really have the contracts to send back.

I’ve outlined how trading Bledsoe is crucial to keeping Lonzo Ball long term, so the Pels need to be more worried about finding an expiring contract in a trade than the talent they take back.

However, there are some trades to the Bulls in which the Pels could get their expiring deals while also taking a flyer on a player who could help them in the future.

New Orleans Pelicans: A trade of Eric Bledsoe to the Chicago Bulls

Here is a trade that might work for both teams:

In this trade, the Bulls get the veteran guard that they covet and the Pelicans get a trio of expiring contracts that would open up some future cap space for re-signing Lonzo Ball.

None of these three players are really going to help the Pelicans now, so making a trade like this would essentially be waiving the white flag if you are New Orleans.

The opposite is true for the Bulls, who would love to make the playoffs this season and might feel adding a veteran guard would help get them there.

So who would say no? Let’s take a look.