Pelicans: J.J. Redick comments prove New Orleans still has work to do in pleasing stars

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New Orleans Pelicans, JJ Redick
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JJ Redick spilled the dirt on his podcast about his departure from the New Orleans Pelicans, revealing some new details that were previously unknown and calling out the Pels’ front office.

According to Redick’s version of the story, the Pelicans failed to honor their word over the course of multiple months. He was ultimately traded in a last-minute move to the Dallas Mavericks that left Redick “shocked,” “floored,” and “jarred.”

"“I don’t think you’re going to get honesty from that front office."

Redick was succinct and scathing with his criticism over how New Orleans handled his situation. He explained on The Old Man and the Three that he initially requested a trade in November and had multiple “very transparent” conversations with general manager Trajan Langdon and executive vice president of basketball operations David Griffin.

The situation resurfaced in early February, with Redick believing he was going to get bought out after not having been traded. Instead, he was unceremoniously shipped out to the Mavs at the last minute—a destination which, as Redick rightfully points out, was never mentioned by him as a suitable destination and actually further separates him from his family.

"In terms of this front office, it’s not something where I would expect—certainly the agents who worked on this with me—to ever trust that front office again."

Redick’s comments are problematic on two different, but related extremes. They should be taken with a grain of salt to some extent, given that he is only presenting one version of the story, but Redick has no real motive to lie about how his departure from the Pelicans transpired.