New Orleans Pelicans: Quentin Grimes is a prospect to watch in Final Four

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New Orleans Pelicans
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The New Orleans Pelicans have swung back and forth between a team that looks like a playoff contender to one that looks like they are headed for the lottery.

They are in the middle of an important four-game stretch that has not started well, as they have lost the first two to Orlando and Atlanta after just about the entire team got injured at the same time.

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Zion Williamson, Brandon Ingram, Lonzo Ball, Josh Hart and Steven Adams all missed the game against the Hawks, which led to a starting lineup featuring Naji Marshall, which is not something I thought I’d see this season.

The Pels’ playoff hopes are probably in their death throes at this point even though they are still only 2.5 games back of the play-in game.

Barring a miraculous return to health and subsequent win streak, the Pelicans are likely headed back to the lottery, so it’s not too early to think about who they might take with their many picks.

New Orleans Pelicans: What draft picks do the Pelicans have?

The Pelicans currently have their own first round pick, which is likely to be in the top-ten. The pick they are owed from the Lakers is protected 8-30, so is not going to be conveyed this season.

They also have as many as four picks in the second round depending on what happens with the Bulls, who own the right to swap picks with the Pelicans depending on which is more favorable.

Right now, those picks would be 35, 36, 40 and 51 which gives the Pelicans a lot of options. They could use a couple of them or package the whole lot to try and move into the first round.

Assuming they use one or two of the picks, a guy who would make a lot of sense is Quentin Grimes out of Houston, who will be playing in today’s Final Four.