With Coby White out, Bulls may go hard after Lonzo Ball in free agency

The Chicago Bulls got some news that might affect the New Orleans Pelicans and the free agency of Lonzo Ball.

According to ESPN, guard Coby White is set to miss at least four months after suffering a shoulder injury that will require offseason surgery.

This is bad news for the Bulls, who are looking to make a leap as a team behind star Zach LaVine and new addition Nikola Vucevic.

The Bulls are desperate to make a big splash to convince LaVine to stay for the long term and Lonzo Ball has the name recognition and potential to be that guy.

Should the New Orleans Pelicans be worried?

New Orleans Pelicans: Losing Lonzo Ball in free agency to the Bulls

First off, it’s not even clear if the Pelicans are interested in bringing Lonzo Ball back, especially if it will take $20 million per season to retain him.

While Ball did make strides as a shooter, his defense wasn’t as good as expected and he didn’t provide much else after his role was changed to playing more off the ball.

If the Bulls were to offer a max deal to Ball, the Pelicans might use that opportunity to cut ties and go in a different direction.

The Bulls were already tied to Ball in trade rumors last season, and given that they have a fast-paced offense in need of a point guard, the fit is definitely there.

The Knicks have also been linked to Lonzo Ball, but given the injury to White and the Bulls’ desire to win now, I could definitely see them emerging as the top threat to steal Lonzo from the Pelicans in free agency.

The Lonzo Ball saga is going to continue until he signs his name on a contract somewhere, and the Bulls might be the team willing to overpay to get him.