New Orleans Pelicans: If Damian Lillard is available in a trade, go get him

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Nickeil Alexander-Walker, New Orleans Pelicans
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New Orleans Pelicans: Trading Brandon Ingram for Damian Lillard

The Trail Blazers are not going to consider this move unless they are getting The Godfather offer, and this is it.

There aren’t many teams in the NBA that could offer more than this, so if the Trail Blazers wanted a soft rebuild, they could likely still be in contention for the playoffs and still have a ton of future draft capital to make additional trades or add talent via the draft.

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They would clear some cap space, as Ingram makes less than Lillard, get a high-ceiling point guard prospect who lives to set up shooters and run with a young team that still had a few key veterans to balance the roster.

They’d get four first round picks from the New Orleans Pelicans, all unprotected, which is about as big a haul of players and picks as we’ve ever seen moved in the NBA.

It would be an all-in move for the New Orleans Pelicans while the Blazers would take a step back with an eye on the future and building around a young All-Star in Ingram.