New Orleans Pelicans: If Damian Lillard is available in a trade, go get him

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New Orleans Pelicans
Damian Lillard #0 of the Portland Trail Blazers steps in to break up a confrontation between teammate Carmelo Anthony #00 and Jaxson Hayes #10 of the New Orleans Pelicans (Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images) /

New Orleans Pelicans trade rumors: Trading for Damian Lillard

This is precisely the reason that you hoard draft picks: to get a superstar.

While Ingram is very good and likely to improve even more, Lillard is one of the few players in the NBA who moves the needle for any franchise and would immediately make the Pelicans a contender in the West.

Lillard has never played with someone as good as Zion and they would be a perfect pairing, as you have to double team both of them and Lillard would create the space that Zion needs to operate.

The two would be unstoppable in the pick-and-roll and the New Orleans Pelicans could then re-sign Lonzo Ball to play point guard again.

The Pelicans might have to go into the tax to do it, but Lillard is one of the few guys who you would do that for as he would make the Pels a contender right away and keep them there for the foreseeable future.

He is signed for four more years, so you are getting the rest of his prime and trying to win titles in Zion’s rookie contract, which is smart move for the chances of keeping him long-term.

It would be risky but why not? Draft picks are not going to win you titles and eventually you have to put them on the table if you can get a superstar. If Damian Lillard is truly available, then go get him.

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