New Orleans Pelicans: Where positional battles stand so far

Trey Murphy III #25 of the New Orleans Pelicans (Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images)
Trey Murphy III #25 of the New Orleans Pelicans (Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images) /
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New Orleans Pelicans: Tomas Satoransky vs. Kira Lewis Jr.

This battle for the backup point guard spot is a classic solid veteran vs. high-ceiling young player.

So far it has almost been a wash, as both players played pretty well in the first two games before putting up stink bombs agains the Bulls.

These two are very different players, as Satoransky is a big guard who uses his size to get where he wants on the floor while Lewis Jr. is a speed-demon who is undersized but faster than everyone on the court most nights.

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Satoransky looks more comfortable running the half court offense, but Lewis Jr. is a better defender and is a weapon in the open court because of his speed.

Lewis Jr. has also shown some improvement in the pick-and-roll, especially in game two when he knocked down a couple of 3-point shots when the defender went under the screen. If he can continue to do that, Lewis Jr. is tough to stop, as he can beat just about anyone off the dribble if they have to play him tight on the perimeter.

So far neither one has really seized the role, so I imagine this one will spill over into the regular season. Coach Green hinted at a wide-open rotation that might use veterans some nights and young players on others, and I think that will be the case with these two.

I like Kira Lewis Jr.’s upside, defense and speed and I think he will eventually get this job.

Advantage: Kira Lewis Jr.