New Orleans Pelicans: Hugo Besson could be a draft steal for the Pels

Hugo Besson of the Breakers (Photo by Mike Owen/Getty Images)
Hugo Besson of the Breakers (Photo by Mike Owen/Getty Images) /

Hugo Besson is an up-and-coming star for the New Zealand Breakers of the National Basketball League. He is looking to head to the 2022 NBA Draft and the 6-3 Guard would be a great fit for the New Orleans Pelicans.

The Pelicans will likely have their lottery pick in 2022, but have a number of future picks they could trade to get a second pick  in the first round if Besson is still on the board.

Hugo Besson’s shooting would help the New Orleans Pelicans right away

Despite being out with COIVD-19, Hugo Besson scored 26 points for the Breakers in his first game back with the team on December 10th and had a lot to say postgame,

"“…if I’m 0 for 10 I’m going to take the shot. If I’m 10 for 10 I’m going to take the shot. I never doubt in myself.”"

This is a great mentality that the New Orleans Pelicans need from a sharpshooter, as they don’t currently have a guy with this kind of confidence in his shot. Hugo Besson is averaging nearly 50 percent from beyond the arc on around seven attempts per game. The Pelicans shoot 33 percent as a team and would love to add another lights-out shooter around Zion Williamson.

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Hugo Besson’s Rebounding

At 6-3, Besson leads the NZ Breakers in rebounds this season with 4.7. That is right, a six-three guard leads his team in rebounds. I like how he is aggressive at the glass and is not afraid to absorb contact from bigger players. The hustle Besson displays on the court is what the Pels need. Besson would be similar to Josh Hart in that he is a guard who is not afraid to get after it on the boards.

Where Hugo Besson needs to improve

Besson’s defense is his biggest question mark, though he does average a steal per game. If he can continue to build on his on-the-ball defense, this concern will lessen for the New Orleans Pelicans, who need help on both ends.

Another improvement for Besson would be his ball-handling skills. As of right now, he is averaging just under two assists per game but with 3.3 turnovers. For those advanced stats readers, his assist to turnover ratio is -9, which its something that would likely be improved with a far lower usage rate on the New Orleans Pelicans.

Hugo Besson has dropped 25+ points in two of the three games he has played for the NZ Breakers and is starting to move up NBA Draft boards, so he’ll be a guy for the New Orleans Pelicans to monitor.

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