This is a new era for New Orleans Pelicans basketball

Brandon Ingram #14 Jose Alvarado #15 and Trey Murphy III #25 of the New Orleans Pelicans Notice: Copyright 2022 NBAE
Brandon Ingram #14 Jose Alvarado #15 and Trey Murphy III #25 of the New Orleans Pelicans Notice: Copyright 2022 NBAE /

When the New Orleans Pelicans hired Willie Green, not many people expected him to take them to the playoffs in his first season, and at the beginning of the year, it looked like they were right.

The Pelicans were hammered by rumors of Zion Williamson leaving and the ghosts of their star players past. But now the narrative has completely changed and a new era has arrived.

The Suns series has been a revelation for the Pelicans’ young players, many of whom are making their first appearance in the playoffs. You wouldn’t know it, as Jose Alvarado and Herb Jones went toe to toe with the greatest New Orleans professional basketball player in the franchise’s history and were able to shut him down.

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Before Game 3, Brandon Ingram was asked about how he felt about playing at home in a playoff game. He answered with a smirk, “That s***gone be crazy.” Indeed, it was.

A new era for the New Orleans Pelicans

Brandon Ingram, Jose Alvarado, and Herb Jones stamped the proverbial ticket for the new era of New Orleans basketball in Game 4, which brought out the celebrities.

New Orleans native Birdman embraced Brandon Ingram after the game. Actor and singer Jamie Foxx came and really showed the love he had for Alvarado. Rapper Master P was front and center and so was New Orleans rapper Curren$y.

The 4th quarter of game 4 proved the Pelicans of old are long gone, as Alvarado and Herb Jones completely dominated Chris Paul as if slamming a door on the past.

Who would have known that a rookie 2nd round pick and an undrafted rookie would be franchise altering players? Herb Jones highlighted that the team “love playing here in New Orleans. I am glad we get another game here.” Jose was also about the Jose Chants he got in the 4th quarter:

"“Like I said NOLA man. I love the city and love what they do. Hearing that it never gets old. I see it and I hear it. It’s crazy. This city got my back and I get their back and that’s 100% percent.”"

The Pelicans have developed one of the most unique rosters and fan bases in the league, and the team and groups like the Pels 12 are doing a great job of embracing the culture of the city. New Orleans is becoming a basketball town before our eyes and the future is bright for the Pelicans.

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