New Orleans Pelicans: 3 things to watch for in the 2022 NBA Draft

Ousmane Dieng of the Breakers . (Photo by Steve Bell/Getty Images)
Ousmane Dieng of the Breakers . (Photo by Steve Bell/Getty Images) /
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The 2022 NBA Draft is finally here, and the New Orleans Pelicans hope to add more impact talent to a roster that made the playoffs this season and will get Zion Williamson back.

The Pels have the 8th, 41st and 52nd picks and hold all of the cards, as they don’t have a glaring weakness, so can just take the best player available regardless of position and will definitely be entertaining trades for the 8th pick as well.

Teams like OKC and the Suns have been mentioned as possible trade partners, but the 2022 NBA Draft figures to be a wild one with plenty of trades, as there isn’t really a consensus over who the best guys really are.

It’s possible the Pels will just take the best player available with the 8th pick, but also very possible that they trade back for additional assets, thinking they can probably get a player they like later in the first round.

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Once the 2022 NBA Draft kicks off, here are three things for fans of the New Orleans Pelicans to watch for.

New Orleans Pelicans draft: Who falls to the 8th spot?

The Pelicans have been attached to two names primarily, Dyson Daniels from the G-League and Bennedit Mathurin from Arizona.

When it comes to Daniels vs. Mathurin, you have a guy who is more of a playmaker and defender in Daniels vs. a player who is more of a slasher and 3-point shooter in Mathurin.

I think either would be a nice fit and give the Pels another high-upside young player in their talent pipeline.

But there is a good chance that neither of these players will be available, as both have also been mentioned as possibilities for the teams picking just ahead of the Pelicans in the draft.

If both Daniels and Mathurin are off the board, it increases the chances that the Pels will make a trade, so if they go early, there could be movement.