New Orleans Pelicans: Jose Alvarado deserves more minutes

Jose Alvarado has been one of the most important players for the New Orleans Pelicans this season.

He is a significant factor in close games and brings the energy every time he steps on the hardwood, which is why there is an argument that he should be playing more minutes.

New Orleans Pelicans: Jose Alvarado brings energy and clutch play

Jose now averages just over 19 minutes a game and honestly, he should see 20+ minutes a night off the bench. When Jose Alvarado plays 20+ minutes a night the Pels are 4-3 overall. He put up double digits in points off the bench in all seven games.

With Devonte’ Graham playing about 14 MPG, Jose could (and should) take a few of those minutes away from Graham to turn them into more positive production for the Pelicans. Alvarado is not only averaging more points than Graham, but is shooting better overall and changes the game with his defense and playmaking.

But it’s not just stats, as Jose Alvarado has evolved into the heart and soul of the bench and his teammates know it.

He is a big part of the chemistry the team is building and brings the home crowd alive every time he steps on the floor.

Offseason workouts, group gatherings and community service have all helped build the “family” brand that the New Orleans Pelicans now have and Jose seems to be the center of all of it. The fans and the city of New Orleans adore him because of what he puts out there on the court every night.

Alvarado has been an asset in close games. He is not afraid to take those clutch shots or lay his body on the floor and make big plays and Alvarado’s clutch-time +/- of 3.5 is the highest on the team.

That is someone who needs to be playing 20 or more minutes a night off the bench and should continue to be on the floor late in games.

There is no one else in the NBA like Jose Alvarado, and he deserves more minutes because of the impact he is making on and off the court. Having more Jose minutes will help the Pelicans win more games, it’s that simple.