New Comment System

New Comment System everyone! So do the same ole routine of clicking on register, then fill out the form.

Step 1- Click on the Register button

Next you will head to a screen like this…

Step 2 (a)- Fill in the blanks and activate account via your email

Then comment away!

The new system allows you to have one central profile for Fansided and in turn it allows you to view your profile over on Like for example this:

Livefyre allows you to view your profile and commenting stats.

As well there’s a new feature that allows you to like other posts. With that your comments also receive “points” showing just how valued a commentator you are.

You can also post any comment on your Facebook or Twitter Account.

If you want to have an avatar or picture with your comment go to– Sign up there and you can get a little picture with your comment.

A couple of quick rules and regulations:

  • No personal attacks between members, please let’s keep it friendly
  • No racial or religious persecution
  • Let’s keep it clean, it’s okay if you vent yourself in frustration from time to time by masking some words, but here we like to keep it somewhat PG-13
  • No spam or advertisement. Please if you want to advertise your products contact the Fansided network team here.

Let’s go Hornets!