4 Pelicans who could get axed from Willie Green's postseason rotation

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2. Jeremiah Robinson-Earl

Jeremiah Robinson-Earl was traded to the Houston Rockets earlier in the season, and later released. The Pels decided to take a flyer on him and it seemed like a solid decision. 

JRE proved to be a solid outside shooter during his tenure with the Oklahoma City Thunder (35.2 percent from deep as a rookie) and he seemed to be a viable defender, due to his smaller frame for a big man. However, he's been a liability for the Pels on both ends of the floor, especially of late.

There's no justifiable reason for Willie Green to be playing JRE over Jonas Valanciunas. At all.

In 33 games, JRE has only scored in double-figures three times, and two of those games were within his first 3 games. He also played 20+ minutes in all three of those games.

Which surely won't be the case on a regular.

He doesn't have much touch inside the arc and is slow-footed on the other end. Opponents salivate when they draw the switch onto Robinson-Earl. 

Robinson-Earl's limitations will likely cause him to get squeezed.