1 Dream, 1 Nightmare, 1 Realistic Pelicans Brandon Ingram trade after the draft

The Pelicans are shopping Brandon Ingram, but what could they get in return?
New Orleans Pelicans, Brandon Ingram
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Nightmare Brandon Ingram trade

The Pels must get talent for Ingram. Zion is only 24, but his injury history puts the pressure on New Orleans to win now. It is impossible to say how many healthy seasons Williamson has left, and the Pelicans do not want to waste one.

The 76ers are searching for a third star this offseason. They have four players under contract, but only Joel Embiid’s deal is guaranteed. Philadelphia can totally reset around their two stars and has interest in Brandon Ingram. They can absorb BI into their cap space, but this trade quickly becomes a nightmare for the Pelicans.

BI to 76ers

New Orleans gets three first-round draft picks. It would give them enough draft capital to land a superstar on the trade market, but they need someone to be available. Rumors suggest Donovan Mitchell and Kevin Durant are staying put this offseason. Who is left for the Pels to acquire?

The Pelicans cannot enter the season with a mountain of draft picks and no co-star for Zion. The Western Conference is loaded with talent, and New Orleans has no time to waste. If this happens, they will miss the playoffs in 2025 and may have Williamson questioning his future with the franchise.