Grade the Trade: Pelicans flip Brandon Ingram for All-Star and shooter in proposal

The Pelicans are exploring a Brandon Ingram trade, but what could they get in return?
New Orleans Pelicans, Brandon Ingram
New Orleans Pelicans, Brandon Ingram / Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports
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Laying out a Brandon Ingram to the Cavaliers trade proposal

The Pelicans and Cavaliers are arguably the two teams dominating the trade rumors. New Orleans wants to shake things up and now is the time to trade BI. In Cleveland, Donovan Mitchell is extension-eligible, and declining a new contract likely puts him on the market. Even if Mitchell stays, the Cavs need to alter their roster.

Winning with two undersized guards and two non-shooting big men feels impossible in 2024. If Cleveland just wants to make the playoffs and never contend for a title, it may work, but the Cavaliers and Mitchell want more. The Cavs should choose one undersized guard and one big man, which likely puts Jarrett Allen on the trade block.

Could the Pelicans land an All-Star center for Brandon Ingram? Marks wants to see this trade happen this summer.

Ingram to Cleveland

Receiving no draft capital may be surprising, but this gives both teams a better chance at serious contention. Cleveland gets a needed wing and someone to bail out their offense in difficult moments. The Pels snag an elite defensive anchor and a plus shooter to improve their roster.

Cleveland would love to add an All-Star wing capable of scoring 20 every night, but should the Pelicans agree to it?