This Player is the secret to the Pelicans' spacing

The New Orleans Pelicans need shooting and this rookie is already delivering.
New Orleans Pelicans, Jordan Hawkins
New Orleans Pelicans, Jordan Hawkins / Jonathan Bachman/GettyImages
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How can Jordan Hawkins maximize his skills?

Hawkins mentioned that after playing against Golden State, he asked Steph Curry if they could train together in the summer. Curry is an elite shooter, and Hawkins seems to be blazing a similar trail. One of the secrets to Steph's success is his ability to move both on and off the ball, and this is something Hawkins has also demonstrated an affinity for.

Curry does not only rely on his incredible shot-making to affect defenses. Steph will utilize his motion while constantly being aggressive with how he attacks his coverages, forcing teams to make a choice. This will often lead to him driving and finishing at the rim when teams chase him off the line. If the opposing defense colapses, there is an advantage on the court, and by moving quickly and decisively, you can attack that coverage. 

As Jordan grows into his body and improves his finishing, he will have more options with which he can punish opposing defenses that do not guard him honestly and try to help off of him to guard Zion, CJ, or Ingram.

Whenever Hawk is on the court, he remains on the move. He will finish contesting on a defensive possession and race up the floor to head straight for the corner. This motion and activity does more than just open Hawkins up for a shot, it also weaponizes his spacing in a way that creates avenues for miscommunication by the opposing defense, similar to Curry. 

In his short NBA career, Hawk has already shown an ability to utilize the attention he draws from defenses to facilitate opportunities for his teammates, whether he touches the ball or occupies a defender to clear space for the on-ball player. Jordan can use his activity level, quick trigger, and shooting skills to force defenses to make choices as well. 

He's already shown the ability to make quick decisions and has assisted 13 different teammates, showing that this is an area he should be highly productive in.