4 Moves the Pelicans must make after the Dejounte Murray trade

The Pelicans must make these moves after the Dejounte Murray trade.
New Orleans Pelicans, Dejounte Murray
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The New Orleans Pelicans made a bold trade to land Dejounte Murray. The former All-Star needed a change of scenery, and the Pels wanted a point guard. It cost them Dyson Daniels, Larry Nance Jr., Cody Zeller, E.J. Liddell, and two first round draft picks. Murray may play his best basketball in the Big Easy, but David Griffin and the front office still have work to do.

Jonas Valanciunas and Naji Marshall departed early in free agency. They traded their backup big men in the Murray deal, which leaves the Pelicans with just a rookie center. New Orleans has just 11 players under contract after signing first-round pick Yves Missi and is just $2 million under the tax. They need to fill their 15-man roster, but the franchise never pays the tax. How does Griffin and the front office navigate that landmine?

The Pelicans are multiple moves away from finalizing their roster. Fans have heard the Brandon Ingram rumors, but Griffin threw cold water on trading the All-Star forward. New Orleans is not a serious contender as constructed and must make these moves before training camp begins.

4. Add depth

The Pelicans need more players in the frontcourt. They cannot play Zion Williamson exclusively at the five, but Yves Missi is their only other big man on their roster. Even if New Orleans finds a Valanciunas replacement, they need frontcourt depth.

Pels fans do not need to hear about Zion’s injury history and Naji Marshall often played more when he went out. With Marshall in Dallas, they need a reserve forward too.

They could use some depth on the wing to complete their roster. If Brandon Ingram departs, the Pelicans would need Jordan Hawkins and Matt Ryan to play significant roles in the second unit. Hawkins may be ready, but the Pelicans need some depth in case an injury strikes.

With spending a serious concern, the front office should try to trade Ingram for multiple role players. It gives them some needed depth and a shot at contending. The Pels also need to lock up a key piece of their roster to a new long-term extension.