4 Moves the Pelicans must make after the Dejounte Murray trade

The Pelicans must make these moves after the Dejounte Murray trade.
New Orleans Pelicans, Dejounte Murray
New Orleans Pelicans, Dejounte Murray / Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports
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2. Find a starting center

This is a must. The Pelicans cannot sign a minimum free agent and expect him to fill this role. New Orleans needs a strong rebounder and rim protector next to Zion Williamson in the frontcourt. Floor spacing is a plus, but the Pels are dreaming if they are signing that player off the open market.

David Griffin must acquire a big man in whatever trades he makes. Most assume it will be Brandon Ingram, but maximizing their return with just one year left on his contract won’t be easy. No team wants BI on a max contract, so the All-Star needs to be flexible in his demands if New Orleans is going to get a massive trade return.

Several teams are set at the five, so finding the right deal won’t be easy. Many thought Brandon Ingram and Clint Capela might be part of a Dejounte Murray trade, but that did not happen. The Hawks decided against acquiring BI, but Capela is available if the two sides can work something else out.

Finding a starting center is a must, which means making another trade. There is only one move that nets them depth and big man capable of playing 30-plus minutes every night.