Ranking 8 Brandon Ingram suitors by best fit

Brandon Ingram has become of the NBA's most fascinating offseason topics. Several teams have expressed interest in him amidst his pending contract extension.
Brandon Ingram (pictured) versus Oklahoma City Thunder
Brandon Ingram (pictured) versus Oklahoma City Thunder / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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7. Atlanta Hawks

Many speculated on a Dejounte Murray trade all offseason. The speculation became reality when the New Orleans Pelicans acquired Murray on June 28. However, one of Ingram's rumored trade destinations is Atlanta. While a Murray-Ingram swap fell through, Atlanta has plenty of assets and players to make the salaries match for an Ingram trade. De'Andre Hunter and Bogdan Bogdanovic are capable wings on lucrative contracts. Clint Capela could be the center the Pelicans are seeking.

A swap of the All-Star caliber players would have made life easy, but a trade for the three-level scorer is still a possibility in Atlanta. With Trae Young likely remaining in Atlanta long-term, the Hawks appear focused on playoff contention in the Eastern Conference, rather than succumbing to rebuilding. Moving Hunter or Bogdanovic and Capela would open up room for Ingram in Atlanta. Additionally, Saddiq Bey's current free agency shows that he's unlikely to return to Atlanta.

The Pelicans could fill a need at center with Capela while establishing more shooting with De'Andre Hunter or Bogdan Bogdanovic. Hunter is also among the league's highly-coveted 'three-and-D' players. However, Hunter's deteriorating durability and efficiency make him less compelling, but playing next to CJ McCollum, Dejounte Murray, and Zion Williamson could be exactly what Hunter needs. Meanwhile, Bogdanovic is one of the league's best shooters; a dire need for the Pelicans.