Ranking 8 Brandon Ingram suitors by best fit

Brandon Ingram has become of the NBA's most fascinating offseason topics. Several teams have expressed interest in him amidst his pending contract extension.
Brandon Ingram (pictured) versus Oklahoma City Thunder
Brandon Ingram (pictured) versus Oklahoma City Thunder / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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6. Charlotte Hornets

Charlotte's link to Ingram is a fascinating one. While he doesn't necessarily fit their timeline, he is still young (age 27 at the start of next season). Entering his prime years, Ingram could create a dynamic tandem alongside LaMelo Ball, Brandon Miller, and Miles Bridges. With a young group of players in Ball (22), Miller (21), Bridges (26), rookie Tidjane Salaün (18), Mark Williams (21), recently acquired Josh Green (23), and Grant Williams (25), the Hornets have one of the league's best young cores.

Ingram may not turn the Hornets into a bonafide contender in the Eastern Conference, but he would certainly elevate them into playoff contention. With LaMelo under contract until 2028, Brandon Miller on his rookie contract, and Miles Bridges on a newly re-signed three-year contract, the Hornets' core group of players is intact for the foreseeable future. Also from North Carolina, Ingram would be close to home in Charlotte.

With a plethora of draft assets and several young players, the Pelicans could feel intrigue from a potential Ingram deal with Charlotte. However, New Orleans is trying to contend now, rather than put their chips into the future. Another win-now franchise could help New Orleans facilitate an Ingram trade, a franchise the Pelicans have become familiar with over the last few seasons.