Ranking the Pelicans top 4 draft classes of all-time

Detroit Pistons v New Orleans Hornets
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Number one: 2005 - Chris Paul, Brandon Bass

Paul means more to New Orleans than just what he did on the court. He was drafted right after Hurricane Katrina ravaged New Orleans, and his rookie season (played in Oklahoma City) gave hope to fans in the city that needed something to cling to.

On the court, he was pretty solid as well.

4x All Star, 1x first team All-NBA 1x second team All-NBA, 1x third team All-NBA, 3x All Defense, 2x NBA assist leader, 3x NBA steals leader, and the 2006 NBA Rookie of the Year. Paul owns the New Orleans assists and steals records.

I think Chris Paul is the best player to ever be drafted by New Orleans, and that puts his draft class above 2012 in these rankings. Paul is an all-time great point guard, and his impact on the New Orleans community can not be overstated.