New Orleans Pelicans: Two low-key players that would help in a BIG way

BOSTON, MA - FEBRUARY 2: Marco Belinelli
BOSTON, MA - FEBRUARY 2: Marco Belinelli /

With DeMarcus Cousins suffering a torn Achilles for the rest of the year, the New Orleans Pelicans need to strengthen their roster in order to remain in the playoff picture.

The New Orleans Pelicans traded for Nikola Mirotic last week. This helps give the team an offensive boost after losing Tony Allen and Jameer Nelson. As a result, these moves further weaken their previously delicate backup guard situation.

The New Orleans Pelicans must be able to find a backup center to provide rim protection for. There needs to be a solid second unit when Anthony Davis goes to the bench. Cheick Diallo has not been able to make the best of his opportunities on the court.

Without many trade assets, the Pelicans must make some lower-key moves. Moves that would bolster the Pelicans flimsy bench. They didn’t get into Kemba Walker or Tyreke Evans talks. The lack of first-round picks is a struggle on trade deadline day. Now that the deadline has passed, there are two possible buyout candidates.

Marco Belinelli

The New Orleans Pelicans could grab Marco Belinelli if he is bought out. I know, he’s not nearly as exciting as a high volume shooter. But, attaining Beli-like players could get the team in a more stable place in the Western Conference.

The Pelicans are second last in the league in bench scoring. That is where Belinelli comes in, he will provide the instant offense that the second unit needs. Though he may not have the percentages of his early days in Golden State, Toronto, New Orleans and San Antonio, Belinelli is still a terrific triggerman from outside.

However recently, Belinelli has suffered from a rare disorder. This is worsening his three-point shot. It’s called “Terry Porter Disorder.” For those unaware, “Terry Porter Disorder” is when a reputably terrific three-point shooter plays for a bad team and sees a decline in his numbers.

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But Beli can still bang it down from behind the arc. Imagine the lineup of Jrue Holiday, E’Twaun Moore, Belinelli, Mirotic, and Davis. Holiday and Davis would be able to serve a nasty pick-and-roll with Moore, Beli, and Threekola on the outside, spreading like peanut butter and jam.

Though the Pelicans are more in need of a ball handler and backup center than a shooter, the Pels should attain any firepower available to secure the team’s spot in the playoffs.

Brook Lopez

There is a chance that Brook Lopez could be bought out by the Lakers. And if so, we know that the Pelicans are definitely in the market for a strong interior presence, as they pushed hard for the previously bought out Greg Monroe, before the Celtics scooped him up.

Perhaps the Pelicans can lure Lopez to NOLA. He’s a player cut from the same cloth as Monroe, as an attention-commanding, scoring center. In Cousins’ absence, the Pelicans have been completely terrible without Davis on the court, as opponents have put up 125.2 points per 100 possessions. With Lopez protecting the rim, the Pelicans would at least not be comically terrible with Davis on the bench.

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Getting one of these players might not be a sexy big name move, but it does provide the Pelicans with more depth, which could keep the team in the playoffs.