Outsider’s Perspective: Questions with The Sixer Sense

NEW ORLEANS, LA - DECEMBER 10: Anthony Davis
NEW ORLEANS, LA - DECEMBER 10: Anthony Davis /

The Pelicans start another mini road trip Friday in Philly. With the city still buzzing from a super bowl, expect an energized crowd. The football team shouldn’t be the only thing Philly has to smile about, however. For a closer look inside the Sixers, we connected with Bret Stuter from The Sixer Sense. Hope you enjoy our latest chapter of Outsider’s Perspective.

1. What a time it is to be in Philly. The Sixers are must-see TV again for the first time since Allen Iverson. The mantra they’ve lived by is “Trust the Process”. How important is a playoff appearance this season in that process?

A playoff importance is not significant to the “grand scheme”. Few expect even a playoff-bound 76ers team to go far. But for the fans and their state of mind, it means everything. The Philadelphia fans have been shut out of the postseason on many pro sports levels. Now that the Eagles have broken their SB barrier, a 76ers team in the playoffs would be the cherry on top.

2. How is Ben Simmons playing so well without anything close to a jump shot?

Ben Simmons offers so much that he can be a significant presence on the basketball court while he continues developing his perimeter and jump shots. He’s a triple-double machine, and as such he remains a threat to score, dish out assists, or pull down rebounds. That’s quite a load for a rookie point guard standing 6-foot-10. The jumper will come, but he has plenty to keep him going at the moment.

3. I haven’t seen anything like the Markelle Fultz situation. What’s the truth behind it all? Is it all injury related? If his shoulder is able to heal whether by surgery or rest, will be able to get back to a regular shooting form?

Markelle Fultz is part injury, part adjustment, part conservative front office and part track record. The reality is that he had a shoulder injury, lost the natural shot (it was instinctive), and the team and player are now trying to re-engineer it in the gym. And let’s face it, the team kept Embiid out 2 seasons, and Simmons out 1 season and they debuted like seasoned veterans. So there is that bit of track record pushing an already conservative team to be even more conservative. Eventually, Markelle Fultz will deliver on his potential. But it may not happen until next season.

4. What’s the biggest misconception about the Sixers?

The biggest misconception about these Sixers is the comparisons to veteran teams. this is a young team, led by Simmons, Embiid, Saric, they are still building familiarity and expertise. The team is good, but many of their problems (turnovers, fouls, FT%) will be fixed through maturity. They have not yet had their intended starting lineup yet with Markelle Fultz out, so they are still a top draft pick in the batter’s box today.

5. Outside Perspective on the Pelicans?

The Pelicans are a dangerous team. Even without the presence of injured DeMarcus Cousins, they have enough of a team to win on any given night. They have struggled at 1-4 since Cousins went down, but they did surprise the Thunder at Oklahoma City by defeating them 114-100.

Both the 76ers and the Pelicans are on the bubble, and both need a win to improve their chances at a playoff appearance. It should be a great contest.

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