Pelicans Rumors: Could Spurs get in on Anthony Davis deal?

New Orleans Pelicans, Anthony Davis (Photo by Layne Murdoch Jr./NBAE via Getty Images)
New Orleans Pelicans, Anthony Davis (Photo by Layne Murdoch Jr./NBAE via Getty Images) /

The New Orleans Pelicans have plenty of known bidders and offers in line for Anthony Davis, according to all the Pelicans rumors that keep pouring out. However, those trade offers do not quite fit without some tweaking. The San Antonio Spurs could be the third team needed to get something done.

Last season, the Toronto Raptors were the surprise winners of the Kawhi Leonard sweepstakes. Teams are no longer waiting out the Golden State Warriors dynasty to shake things up. According to New Orleans Pelicans rumors, teams sending bids for Anthony Davis will have to be creative. The Spurs could strike a bargain on both sides of the deal.

The San Antonio Spurs are the epitome of a well run, small market team. They also have experience dealing disgruntled stars. Their core of DeMar DeRozan and LaMarcus Aldrigde was formed through forced terms. They would be a lot happier winning playoff series, especially with Anthony Davis.

Aldridge wanted out of Portland and came back home to Texas. DeRozan was forced out of Toronto. The Spurs value competitive seasons and homegrown players, but balancing both is proving more difficult in the modern NBA. They took Denver to a Game 7, and probably cannot advance much further with this season’s roster.

Trading for Anthony Davis may be the organization’s next big gamble, but moving on from one of their stars is an option for the always ahead of the curve Spurs. They could potentially trade for Davis, or act as a third team benefiting by facilitating.

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The Spurs could package at least two, if not all three, of Lonnie Walker IV (19), Dejounte Murray (22), and Derrick White (24) to New Orleans for Davis. Murray and White could develop into better players than any offered by LA or New York. All three players are between 20 and 24 years old.

These players could be re-routed to a third teams as well. This package would include future picks. Murray, Walker, and White could be dealt for first round picks later, should they prove redundant in the Pelicans’ lineup.

It is unlikely all three young guards are sent to the same team. The Spurs could use their young assets to find a third star for Aldridge and DeRozan. That third team to be named later would have a third wheel star on a contract the Pelicans refuse.

Gordon Hayward would fit the description, for an example from an interested party. So would a couple of guys from Portland. The NBA off-season could get really weird (imagine if DeRozan gets shipped back to Toronto).

Murray and Walker were both hampered by injuries last season. Hopefully, their recoveries are mostly complete. They need off-seasons of building up their strength while working on refining their game. The Pelicans cannot risk accepting damaged goods wasting precious developmental time on the middle stages of rehabilitation.

Should everything check out physically, those three could help construct the core of a playoff contender around Holiday and Williamson. White proved he will be at least a middle class guard the next decade. Murray and Walker have enough potential to make the Pelicans debate the offer.

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Considering selling on value to a third team, both now and later, this offer has plenty of merit. The Spurs could surprise the league for a second consecutive off-season by getting involved in the Anthony Davis deal. If this becomes a bonafide addition to the list of New Orleans Pelicans rumors at any point, we’ll let you know.